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Can you help us out on July 2?

The election is closing fast and we are furiously organising ourselves!

At polling day this year, we’re going to need more volunteers than ever before. Volunteering on polling day is one of the most powerful things you can do to help the Greens at this election.

Can you help us out on July 2?
Contact  Cam 0419 142 042


Host a Placard in Goldstein


Our target in Goldstein is to improve on the last Federal election vote, and get Richard Di Natale and Janet Rice re-elected as our two Victorian Greens senators. This is achievable.

We have placards in need of a home, if you would like display one, this would be a great help.

We can erect it for you, high profiles corner positions and main roads would be of great help. Shop windows, and street facing apartment windows would suit our smaller A3 -A4 posters.

Ring or text Paul on 0490 292 820 Thank You

cheryl_goldstien_sign_june- 2016