WE DID IT …. East West Link Gone

We_did_it_-_East-West_toll_roadThis time last year, we had a Liberal government who were intent on ramming the East-West toll road through our city, and Labor saying they would support the toll road as long as the contracts were signed before the election.

But, over the last year, you joined the community, councils and the Greens to stand against the East-West Link — you stopped this expensive, polluting road.

You knocked on doors and spoke to Melburnians about how the road would destroy what we love about Melbourne. You took to the streets to show that you would not stand by as the two old parties tried to force this toll road through and divide our city.

And you got me and a record number of Greens MPs elected to stand up for a clean economy and a liveable Melbourne right from the middle of the Victorian Parliament.