GREEN AGENDA Where Green Ideas Connect

Thursday evening at the Library at Docklands, saw the launch of the Green Agenda. Green Agenda is the Greens Institutes new online publishing project to stimulate public discussion, and to present ideas and deepen understanding of greens politics and philosophy.

The event was well attended and lots of lively Q & A’s. The Institute needs to raise $60.000 within the next year to get the ball rolling.  Head to and join

Green Agenda will be publishing online for 15 months with selected contributions to be published in a book form in 2016. Essay contribution will be welcome. As will be donations of the financial kind.margaret_blakers_1_12-03-2015Margaret Blakers (above) presented the event at Docklands
Clare Ozich,  Charlie Wood, Melanie Lowe & Peter Christoff formed the discussion panel