Transport Forum Success

Sean and the Greens Public Transport Policy won the night at Wednesdays Metropolitan Transport Forum held at the Glen Eira Town Hall. Sean gave a thoughtful well delivered presentation on the present and future public transport needs for metropolitan Melbourne.

“Better rails services and more frequent trains till 8pm, and better timed connections betweens the bus and train networks would deliver great benefits to PT users, less crowding and less waiting time between connecting services will encourage more people to leave their cars at home and use our public transport”.

The Greens position on not building the East-West Link (The Tunnel) and spending the billions saved on a host of smaller but important upgrades to the existing PT network. “Doing this would see great improvements for both rail and road users across all Melbourne, as well as creating jobs”.

Eighty, mostly local residents attended to hear Liberal MP David Southwick, Labor candidate for Bentleigh Nick Staikos , and The Greens candidate for Bentleigh Sean Mulcahy.

Sean covered areas the other speakers didn’t touch on, stating that better local walking strategies and improved bicycle paths and safer road sharing will deliver worthwhile benefits. “Better targeted grade-separations (road rail crossings) coupled with improved signaling on the rail network would allow more frequent and quicker traveling times for both rail and road users”.

sean_mulcahy_transport_forum_10-9-2014-1aFor more reading on the Greens Transport Policy