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Exciting & busy times as the November State Election creeps slowly closer

We have been very busy with our local events,  and a good turnout for the World Refugee Day Rally today at the City Square

June 14th was the Stonnington Trivia Night and we put together a table of very wise heads, and came within a whisker of winning the night, missing out by half a point. Which was more than made-up by Rose’s faultless winning of the “Heads & Tails” competition. Full points to the Stonnington Branch they can really put a fun trivia night on the map.

ImageSome of our Bayside Glen Eira camps at the Stonnington Trivia Night.

Closer to home our Q&A Friday night a Caulfield Park was an informative success, I found getting our members and supporters and visitor together was very worthwhile, we should do it more often. Great questions addressed by a panel of very informed and caring experts, followed by good food, a raffle and a runaway auction.

Q&A Friday night panel and guestsQ-A_night_1Some of the Q&A yummy get together food

On the campaign trail we are door knocking in the Brighton & Bentleigh areas, and putting together some good teams of volunteers. Many more people are needed as the November 29th  election looms closer. The more people that know what the Greens are standing up for the more votes we will get in the ballot box.

Our ultimate goal is to get Sue Pennicuik re-elected to the Upper House, as well as increasing our percentage of people voting Greens in the Lower House Seats of Brighton (Margie Beavis) Bentleigh Sean Malcahy, and Sandringham (Candidate to be announced soon)

A door knocking team ready to go.

Come and join us, you will be working with very experienced people, so previous experience is not necessary. We will take the time teach you the skills needed, and you will be very supported by our door knocking vets. What seems a daunting task is doable.

If you have ever thought that you would like to make a difference in the political landscape JOIN US WE NEED YOU NOW. You don’t need to be a Greens member, just someone you cares enough to try.


World Refugee Day Rally Melbourne, Sunday 22nd June

ImageAdam Bandt – World Refugee Day Rally Melbourne – Sunday June 22nd

The rally arrives in the Bourke Street Mall