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Bayside, Glen Eira Greens lend a helping hand to Scott Ludlam in WA


Due to Poll blunder last year, this Saturday April 5th Senate Election will set the record straight. Scott Ludlam gained enough votes to collect a seat in November 2013, but it was knife edge.

According to West Australian, advertising monitoring firm Ebiquity estimates the Palmer United Party has spent “10 times more than Labor and 20 times more than the Liberals on television advertisements”. Palmer United is boasting they will reduce the flow of Western Australian money to the eastern states, a mostly mythical sore point with many West Australian voters.

To give Scott every chance possible of being re-elected, Rose, Margie, Christine and Sean gave a helping hand via the telephone contacting residents of WA hoping to swing a few more votes Scotts way. To go through two elections within six months is a feat in itself.

We wish Scott and the WA Greens all the best this Saturday.