Climate Change Rally on Sunday

It was a fantastic morning for the rally, warm and sunny and the community of Melbourne responded with a good turn-out of Climate Change Realists. Good speakers passed the message that people must lead our governments in progressing meaningful changes to help reverse Global Warming.  The take-home message being Climate Change issues and solutions are too important to leave in the hands of Tony Abbott’s  Direct Action on Climate Change Hoax.

There were many sobering reminders on recent disastrous weather events, both here and abroad, These energy fueled events are only going to become more frequent and more intense, as the drier winters and hotter summers create the conditions for wilder wildfires, and the heating of our oceans  transfer more energy  into tropical cyclones making them increasing more powerful.

As with all rallies the most creative parts are the banners, placards and other methods of delivering your very own personal message. I managed to get a good selection of the best and display them here.

I have started with our very own Kate and Cheryl with their very relevant message.

My fav being “bicycles save icicles”

Please enjoy


bicycles_icicles caution_ahead climate_change_is_a_health_issue climate_change_now climate_criminals dirty_coal_1 planet_b polluters_pay science_for_prosperity_1 science_is_real_1 turtles_against_climate_change we_are_in_a_climate_emergency

dirty_coal_1 5_warming bayside_ccag lighter_footprints

yarra_valley_1 we_live_in_a_ecology