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Our Election Night Get Together, was a great night, most of us had rosie cheeks and were very weary from our work though the day, however we dug deep & found the energy to come along & enjoy ourselves with a mixture of food drinks and election results. There were kind words from our candidates Sandra (Isaacs), Lorna (Hotham), and Rose (Goldstein). The nights credits are far too long to lists here, so enjoy the pictures below. I am only sorry I didn’t do justice and catch everyone that was there, or even everyone that helped us throughout the campaign. Thinking back there were a multitude of tasks that were identified & completed by an amazing amount of people.

So it’s a BIG, BIG GREEN, “THANK YOU” to all the members, supporters, friends, & family & voters that pitched in to make this election 2013 result a memorable credit to us all.


Election Night Get Together, it was a great night, most of us were very tired from our work on the day but we still found the energy to come along and enjoy ourselves with a mixture of food drinks and election results, and kinds words from our Candidates Sandra, Lorna, and Rose, the credits are far too long to lists here, so enjoy the pictures, I am only sorry I didn't catch everyone that was there.



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HOW & WHY TO VOTE GREENS THIS SATURDAY … See our How to Vote ticket below

With time ticking away for the 2013 Federal Election it looks like Australia is likely to change from a Rudd Government to an Abbott led Conservative Coalition.

Rose Read, THE GREENS candidate in Goldstein, has run a superb campaign. Rose has been to all corners of the electorate to meet & greet residents and get THE GREENS policy and costing to the Goldstein residents. With the hard work of people like Rose Read, THE GREENS have become a real alternative to the major parties, your first Preference Vote in the House of Representatives will not be wasted on Rose.

Janet Rice is standing for THE GREENS in the Senate and with your support she has a real possibility of winning a Senate seat.

We believe it is vital that there is a strong alternative voice in the Senate. Janet has had years of experience as an elected representative in Local Government and will make an excellent Senate Representative if elected.

A Coalition dominated House of Representative and a Coalition dominated Senate may not be the best outcome in this Saturday election.

Please consider giving your number 1 vote to Janet Rice in the Senate.



Written & authorized by Paul Caine, 21 Garden Ave, Glen Huntly, 3163