If we want the Greens to be able to be effective in the Senate, we need to get a Greens senator elected in Victoria

Rose Read is a terrific candidate locally. We’ve had a greater presence than ever before, but now we need you!

You can a make a difference
If you can hand out on election day or  hand out at an early voting centre (in Sandringham or Cheltenham)
we know this is the most effective way to improve the Greens vote

Please email Margie:  mjbeavis@outlook.com.au or call 0401 99 56 99

If you can letterbox leaflets that is also good to raise our profile and get people to think about the Greens. We need to reach over 90,000 voters this week.  We will deliver the letterboxing to you, unless you make other arrangements. 

Please email Paul: sspj@optusnet.com.au  or call 9571 2976

We hope you can help – thanks

Margie Beavis, Paul Caine and the campaign team at Bayside Glen Eira