Volunteers Neeeeeded

It’s getting busy in the run-up to the election and the next few weeks are going to tick away very fast. The pressure is on and we need people to help us.

Top of the list for the next few weeks is:-

People to hand out HTV’s at the two Pre-Polling Centres  ……. This makes sure we get as many GREENS “How to Vote” leaflets into the hands of the early voters as possible. The number of people Pre-Polling is significant. So this is a priority. We are trying to cover two Centres. The main Goldstein Voting Centre is at Trentham Street Sandringham and the other a shared or border polling centre is at 8 Park Road Cheltenham.  If you live close by this is even better.

If you have a few spare hours please contact Paul –  9571 2976  – sspj@optusnet.com.au

Letterboxing is the other task in need of willing helpers, this usually entails a few hours plus of delivery time, most maps are in the 200 to 350 leaflet number, smaller maps are aviable. If you pick a sunny afternoon or take the dog for a walk and leaflet at the same time, it can be  good exercise and a good way to get to know your neighbourhood. It’s also a good time of years as so many gardens are starting to flower. I personally take in this colorful splendor

It all takes time and effort, the up-side is you will be supporting  great candidates and become part of a dynamic team of Greens that care about the future and think it’s worthwhile working for a better environment.

If interested contact Paul – 9571 2976 or email – sspj@optusnet.com.au