Neil Pilling and Thomas Sounness are our two Greens Councillors

We are happy to announce that Neil Pilling has been returned as a Rosstown Councillor and we are equally excited to announce that Thomas Sounness has been elected as a Councillor in Camden Ward.

The result  has doubled our representation on the council.

This is a outstanding outcome and could not have been achieved without the help and support through the ballot box.

We offer a big THANK YOU to everyone that helped us in achieving this milestone.

We could not have achieved this result with out you. THANK YOU

Rose Read & Brett Hedger in Tucker Ward failed to get-up, they ran a very creditable campaign and deserve a huge Thank You for the months of hard work and dedication they brought to the voters in Tucker Ward.

In Rosstown Wilmars Mikelsons was also unsuccessful in being a successful candidate.  Wilmars also ran a very sincere and capable campaign  and deserves Huge Thank You for his months in supporting & campaigning with Neil.

Thank You to all our Members,Volunteers, and Supporters in helping us  to “Build A Better Council”.