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Neil Pilling and Thomas Sounness are our two Greens Councillors

We are happy to announce that Neil Pilling has been returned as a Rosstown Councillor and we are equally excited to announce that Thomas Sounness has been elected as a Councillor in Camden Ward.

The result  has doubled our representation on the council.

This is a outstanding outcome and could not have been achieved without the help and support through the ballot box.

We offer a big THANK YOU to everyone that helped us in achieving this milestone.

We could not have achieved this result with out you. THANK YOU

Rose Read & Brett Hedger in Tucker Ward failed to get-up, they ran a very creditable campaign and deserve a huge Thank You for the months of hard work and dedication they brought to the voters in Tucker Ward.

In Rosstown Wilmars Mikelsons was also unsuccessful in being a successful candidate.  Wilmars also ran a very sincere and capable campaign  and deserves Huge Thank You for his months in supporting & campaigning with Neil.

Thank You to all our Members,Volunteers, and Supporters in helping us  to “Build A Better Council”.

A question on Live Export to Thomas Sounness – Greens Candidate for Camden Ward

A voter asks

>                         I would like to know what your opinion is regarding live export of Australian animals?  Also the stand that your party takes.  I could never vote for someone/party that does not intend to rectify this awful policy of allowing live export.

My reply
Hi Katrina

The Greens Party’s policy on animals is that Live Export of animals for meat consumption is to be ended. The relevant Federal level policy can be downloaded here –

My ‘farmer’s’ hat tells me to move from live export to local ‘value added’ activities. Recognising the rural areas that I lived in when growing up, live export is considered a cheap way of meeting international demand for animal meat, and the farming communities believe the better option is to operate slaughterhouses in Australia with Australian Citizens working in these facilities. However – most Australian’s don’t wish to do so and these corporations end up employing new Australians to work in these places – an Abattoir I used to drive past daily started out being marketed as being a job boon for local Australians to work in, and quickly ended up being primarily staffed by Afganistanian & Sri-Lankan refugees as the locals flocked in droves not to work there.

Personally, people do not see the implications of their consumption patterns, the cruel side of animal meat consumption is hidden behind a curtain of clingfilm and packaging. That’s not honest and that’s not realistic and I do not support how the industry currently operates. While I recognise meat consumption cannot be stopped today, I believe that it can be actively reduced, and that substantial reductions are essential for humans to moderate their impacts on Earth.

I support the policy of the Greens, where the Greens state that they intend to :

10. end the export of live animals for consumption.
11. phase out intensive farming practices in meat, dairy and egg production.
17. ban the exportation of animals to jurisdictions where levels of legislative protection are below
those of Australia.
20. ensure that trade agreements do not undermine Australian animal welfare standards.

The Australian Greens are in the process of reviewing their policies, and the Animals policy is going to be strengthened in the near future. I suggest you return to the page I have forwarded to you near the end of the year when the updated policies are likely to be uploaded.

Thank you for your enquiry, and please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Kind regards

Thomas Sounness
Greens Candidate – Camden Ward
City of Glen Eira

The voter replies

>Hi Thomas,
>thank you for your letter and explanation re your stand, and your party’s stand, on live export. It has cleared a few things in my mind. Australian workers should be encouraged to work in the abattoirs, not just refugees. Tight controls are needed to ensure that all aspects of the slaughter are done as humanely as possible, with considerable input and supervision of bodies such as the RSPCA, Humane Society etc.
>You most certainly have won my vote.
>Thank you

Rose and Brett in Centre Road : Community engagement where people live!

Rose and Brett have been in Centre Road every Saturday through September and look forward to meeting people throughout October. We’ve generated a lot of interest and attention with our colourful stall, representing the new life we want to bring to our Council.   Community engagement where people live, shop and play is a must to uncover what people want for their area.