Branch Meetings in 2018

The dates the Bayside Glen Eira Greens will meet at, starting at 7pm, at Godfrey Street Community House, for 2018 will be:

  • February – 12 February
  • March – 19 March
  • April – 9 April
  • May – 14 May
  • June – 18 June
  • July – 09 July
  • August – 13 August
  • September -10 September
  • October – 08 October
  • November – 12 November

Members and supporters are welcome. If there are any confidential party only items, non-members will be asked to leave, so if that happens (and it happens rarely) please respect our need for party confidentiality.

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The Convenors





Our get together dinners are great fun and a great way to meet and mix with locals that share a lot of the same values. They also raise monies for our branch that we spend locally in our election campaigns. 2018 will see both Federal and a Victorian State election, so we are gearing up to run fairly decent campaigns. If your interest in our dinner follow this link please:- here

Upcoming Fundraiser — Victoria & Abdul Classic Cinema, Gordon St, Elsternwick, Friday 22 September, 6 pm.

Our next Branch fundraiser is coming up. With the prospect of both federal and
state elections in 2018 we need to be prepared and with your support we will.

Help grow the Greens vote south of the river and enjoy a great night at the movies.
On this occasion we’re joining forces with the Prahran Campaign to re-elect Sam
Hibbins so it’s a great chance to meet up before the movie.
Drinks also available at bar prices

Classic Cinema, Gordon St, Elsternwick, Friday 22 September, 6 pm.


Tickets at TryBooking here :-

If you’re unable to attend there is also the option to give a donation, but we’d much rather see you there!


Starring Judy Dench and Ali Fazal, Victoria & Abdul is about an unlikely and devoted alliance between Queen Victoria and a young Indian which her household and inner circle set out to destroy. As their friendship deepens, the queen begins to see a changing world through new eyes, joyfully reclaiming her humanity.


Branch fundraising film night / Sunday 3 September, 6pm

∆ Upcoming Fundraiser — Ali’s Wedding
Our first major Branch fundraiser is coming up. With the prospect of both federal and
state elections in 2018 we need to be prepared.

Help grow the Greens vote south of the river and enjoy a fun night at the movies.
Join us for drinks and nibbles before seeing a new Australian comedy Ali’s Wedding.

The Dendy, Church St, Brighton
Sunday 3 September, 6 pm
Tickets at TryBooking here :-

All hell breaks loose when the son of a Muslim cleric lies about his medical entrance exam scores in Ali’s Wedding, a wholesale charmer based on the real-life experiences of its leading man, Osamah Sami.


The Age critics have announced that the winner of their award for Best Australian feature film shown at MIFF2017 is Jeffrey Walker’s crowd-pleasing Ali’s Wedding – congratulations to the filmmakers and all involved!

If Twitter is anything to go by, our audiences agree.

“You’ve called it: “possibly the best Australian film in decades”

“an “absolute gem of a film”

“a charming film full of heart. My #MIFF2017 favourite so far”

 “a great new comic voice in Australian cinema”


Click here to watch the trailer!

Clare Davey Greens Councillor for Rosstown

Clare is one of five new Councillors elected in The City of Glen Eira. Thank you to all the people that helped in this achievement.

If you are thinking of becoming active in helping with the Greening of Bayside or Glen Eira, now is the time to get involved. Our Greens Branch welcomes all. You do not have to be a member of The Greens to attend a meeting, our meeting are fun and informative and there is scope for people to work effectively for change. Our next meeting is 7pm on Monday 14th November at Godfrey Street Community House, Bentleigh. Godfrey Street and the Community House is just off Centre Road very close to the Bentleigh Rail Station.


Local government results for Bayside & Glen Eira

Mixed news with the results, but very happy to say that Clare Davey won the number two position in Rosstown Ward, Glen Eira.

Sadly Thomas in Camden Ward, Glen Eira and Peter in Central Ward, Bayside missed out in gaining a position. The disappointing outcome does not detract from the more than excellent campaigns they ran and the support they received from members and friends.

A big THANK YOU to all the good people that helped us with letterboxing, hosting a sign, doorknocking, phone-banking, donating funds, and the long list of things that are needed to be done to help run a campaign.